Highland Games community! I need your help.

I started building Cabermetrics about a year ago as a potential successor to NASGA. I noticed that NASGA was no longer being actively developed and there were new classes that needed to be added (Juniors, Women’s LW, Women’s Pro, etc) and a bunch of new and modern features I wished it had. I was worried that NASGA might go offline and the Highland Games would lose a valuable resource, so I started working.

However, in the past couple months I’ve learned of at least 2 other websites also being built as replacements to NASGA: HighlandGames.org and ScottishScores.com.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate for the Highland Games in North America to have a resource like NASGA to keep us all connected even with no governing body. I don’t want to compete with each other and risk fragmenting the community, so I’ve reached out to both to see how we can work together (nothing has come of it so far).

Cabermetrics is 100% a passion project for me to give back to the Highland Games and I don’t make any money off it (In fact, it costs me a significant amount every month to run).

I have a lot of things still on the roadmap to build, but it doesn’t make sense to keep investing time and money into something if other websites are also being built (and have a much larger audience and influence).

Here’s where I need your help:

  • Should I keep working on this?
  • Should I focus on something else?
  • What would you like Cabermetrics to be?

Let me know: hadtheheight@cabermetrics.com